Annual Australia Day Exotic Dinner/エキゾチックフード、オーストラリアデーパーティ


Annual Australia Day Exotic Dinner/エキゾチックフード、オーストラリアデーパーティ

NOTE: This is the correct map for the location (DOMUS by DS) :

NOTE: MOST PEOPLE HAVE JOINED UP (already 17 people!!!) THOUGH OUR MAIN WEBSITE (go there to see who are coming): www.oppleosaka.comAUSTRALIA DAY!!!! Wooohooooo.

Everyone, have you EVER tried exotic meats such as Crocodile meat ? Kangaroo meat? Emu meat ?
I bet you have NEVER tried it!! This is your opportunity:) Lets taste some new, interesting, crazy flavors?? and let me tell you, they taste amazingggg!!!


(ABOVE PIC: This is what Crocodile meat looks like!!!)

“On this day (26th of January) bout 230 years ago 11 convict ships arrived in Sydney Cove from Great Britain. They were the first white men to settle in Australia”

1. We will give a few free drinks out if you can answer a trivia question about Australia.
2. We will have a blindfolded meat guessing game (6 different types of meat)!!!!!!

On Australia Day (Fri 26th of Jan)

1900yen (for prepaid tickets, can pay at Konbini or credit card), 2500yen (for tickets on day at the venue) for an Emu Burger or a Kangaroo Burger AND 3 tasty crocodile skewers.

Super easy to use and safe site (can pay by Konbini in cash or credit card):

DOMUS BY DS in West Shinsaibashi. Please get off at “Shinsaibashi” Subway station and take a short 2minute easy walk.

Please look at the below map Link (its better than the above map and its in English):


❂About 20 people

❂ Usually between 25 – 35 years old but we always get at least a few over 50y.o.

❂About half foreigners and half Japanese and a good mix of travelers, students and business people:)

❂ Almost everyone comes alone. Thats okay,we do activities to help everyone meet each other.

❂ Most people are single, but couples are also welcome to join!

❂ Come and practise the language your learning. Everyones here to help:) Just have a go and you will probably surprise yourself.

CONTACT: Dont hesitate to message or call ANYTIME. Facebook:

(VIDEO: This was a BBQ that we did at the end of last year)

Honestly, im importing all these meats but I want to make this event as cheap as I can………………… cause when are you ever are you going to have the chance to have crocodile or emu meat again???

Likely youll never get the chance to eat this again in your lifetime!!!
You just sit back and make new friends while we grill these amazing rare meats for YOU.

Lets have an awesome night out -eating, drinking, mingling, making friends, and causing a little mischief:)