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🐬ANNUAL STUNNING ISLAND PRIVATE BEACH OVERNIGHT GETAWAY🐬 PLEASE PUT PRESS YES IF YOU ARE GOING ON MY MAIN PAGE(It will show everyone on ONE page who are coming) www.meetup.com/oppleosaka EVERYONE IS INVITED TO THIS ONE:)  CHECK OUT THIS ASTONISHING VIDEO OF VIEWS OF THE BEACH: This video, a couple of friends and I climbed the … Continue reading “Private Beach Camp/ビーチキャンプ”

🎆🎸ISLAND PRIVATE BEACH LIVE MUSIC OVERNIGHT PARTY🎸🎆 日本語下にあります Do you love music???  I hope so, cause we will have live music around the campfire during the night…Japanese traditional taiko, drums, jinbe, guitar, violin and of course singer!!!! You dont have to play any intruments to come….but if you want to….of course you can:)  CHECK OUT THIS … Continue reading “Private Beach Music Camp/プライベートビーチキャンプ#4”

🌎🐾FAMILIES GETAWAY: ISLAND PRIVATE BEACH 2 DAYS/1 NIGHT🐾🌎 日本語下にあります NOTE: ONLY 16 FAMILIES WILL BE ALLOWED TO COME!!! TO ALL THOSE FAMILIES (OR PEOPLE WHO ARE GREAT WITH KIDS).  SO IT MEANS MOMS, DADS AND KIDS  (Kids can’t go alone) This is a fantastic and rare chance for your kids (and yourself) to spend time in … Continue reading “FAMILIES GETAWAY: ISLAND PRIVATE BEACH 2 DAYS 1 NIGHT/プライベートビーチキャンプ”